Students will learn the design workflow for creating tubes and hoses. This includes learning both the automated and manual creation of tube paths, the creation of tubes, and the creation of tube bend tables and reports. Students will also learn how to modify and edit existing tubes, and be introduced to using some of the more advanced assembly tools, that can be used with tubes and hoses. After completion of this course, students will have a good working knowledge of how to create, manipulate, and work with tubes and hoses in Solid Edge. 

To get the most out of this course, students should have completed the Solid Edge Fundamentals course.


Lesson 1: This lesson covers:

  • The XpresRoute Environment
  • Basic Tube design workflow
  • Default Tube Settings
  • Path Creation with PathXpres

Lesson 2: This lesson covers:

  • Manual Path Creation
  • Line Segment command
  • OrientXpres
  • Tubing Path Relationships
  • Tubing Paths - Axis Dimensioning
  • Tubing Paths –Modification

Lesson 3: This lesson covers:

  • Tube Creation
  • Editing Tubes
  • Bend Table

Lesson 4: This lesson covers:

  • Transferring tubes to another assembly
  • Creating paths with assembly layouts
  • Creating tube reports and parts list
  • Alternate assemblies with Tubing
  • Flexible Hose/Fixed length
  • Save Settings for Tube Options 

Course Curriculum

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